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Vilanova i la Geltrú since 1932



They say that the vilanovins are Lunatics ... Dreamers, romantics, charming, obstinate, smiling and we are always ready to have fun and enjoy. A CAVA designed for Vilanovins, could not have another name than LLUNÀTIC and can not be defined in any other way than pleasant, fresh, affable, intense, with personality, always ready to open up and enjoy a good time.

Traditionally, the proportion of the grape varieties used is from 50% to 55% of Xarel.lo, from 15% to 20% of Macabeu and from 28% to 33% of Parellada. These figures vary slightly from year to year, depending on the conditions.

Our winemaker, Jaume Pujol, must achieve the consistency of flavor that allows us to instantly recognize the Llunátic, an absolutely reliable cava in terms of quality, color and bouquet. Elaborated with the greatest respect for the environment and quality, this one comes from organic farming.



The Correfoc is one of the central acts of the Vilanova i la Geltrú Annual Town Celebration, an outburst of jubilation, joy, happiness and life ... Like the CAVA CORREFOC ... Cheerful, lively, soft, easy to drink and enjoy, like the Party, like Life.

CORREFOC manages to reconcile two opposite elements: complexity and silkiness, and keep them in perfect balance with an intense aroma and a lot of freshness. This ability to taste makes it ideal as an aperitif and perfect as CAVA to accompany a meal.

The formula of the cellar master for CORREFOC presents a perfect combination of Xarel.lo, Macabeo and Parellada.

SINCE 1932

The facilities of Torrents Carbó contain a very long history documented since 1739, where illusions, sorrows, joys, efforts, fears and hopes have been recorded on their walls every day until today.

In our winery there is evidence of liquor factories or of "Fassines" since the mid-eighteenth century, Pujol's Family were neighbors to the factory, lived in an old farmhouse "Can Pujol". The Pujol, were wine merchants since 1932, under the name of Celler Can Pujol, they elaborated and commercialized wines from old.

Years later his son Jaume Pujol Torrents, acquired the old distillery already in disuse and integrating it with the Celler Can Pujol, Torrents Carbó was born. In the facilities of this old factory, there were deep underground spaces, a young and visionary Jaume Pujol, had an idea a dream: Why don't making CAVA here? ...

This dream was the embryo of the first bottle of Cava Vilanovina that would emerge under the ground in SANT JOAN DEL AÑO 1991 with the brand TORRENTS CARBÓ, in honor of María Torrents Carbó the wife of the founder of the Winery Juan Pujol Torts. A strong woman who Despite living in times of many difficulties was an example of struggle, tenacity and effort.



Defining the perfect combination is very close to the sensation that we perceive in the mouth when we taste Oysters and Cava Torrents Carbó. For this matching, our sommelier especially recommends our Cava Llunàtic Brut Nature Reserve.

The CAVA is so versatility and for match with dishes is excellent. But if we look for the perfect pair for this sparkling wine born in the region of Penedes and Garraf, it is undoubtedly the Oysters and the Cava, we find a contrast of evident textures, where the salinity and the meatiness of the oyster is perfectly matched with the freshness, the bubble and the acidity of the Cava that de-greases the mouth and leaves us with an explosive long-term sensation, without a doubt the perfect combination.


We invite you to discover our winery, our wines and our universe through customized visits. We are an Urban Winery of more than 1000 m2 of underground galleries in the heart of Vilanova i la Geltrú, an ideal spot where you will discover unique experiences.

Live a unique experience

Immerse yourself in the heart of our History and discover our know-how by living a TORRENTS CARBÓ experience at your own pace! In group or just for you, this visit will awaken your senses with an unparalleled atmosphere of our urban wineries. In addition you will share our great CAVA and you will enjoy the company of our team.




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